BC Military Gala

BC Military Gala


The 2024 BC Military Gala

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The Annual BC Military Gala is sponsored by the Commander of 39 Canadian Brigade Group and will be on 20 April 2024 at the Wall Centre on Burrard Street (6 for 7pm). The Ball is open to all current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their guests, both Regular and Reserve. In addition, the BC Military Ball welcomes the attendance of Officers and Senior NCM's from foreign armed forces, the diplomatic corps, the police services and civilian ladies and gentlemen.

The Military Ball originated in 1946 as a victory celebration to mark the end of World War II and has continued, uninterrupted, since. It began as a brainchild of the officers of the Vancouver Garrison to relive the euphoria of the time and to celebrate the return to families and friends. Much had changed during the six year period that Canada had been to war and many returning military personnel had not seen their spouses and children during that time. Some discovered, much to their amazement, that their daughters, who were ten years old in September 1939, didn't resemble the young ladies who answered the door in 1945. The experience was profound, so much so that it was decided to include the daughters in the Military Ball as debutantes, not for the purpose of introducing them society as in the 19th century Victorian custom but actually to introduce them to their fathers. The presentation of debutantes ended with the 2006 Ball.

Entertainment ranges in style from light dinner music to a musical show featuring Regimental marches, the highland bagpipes and dancing into the wee hours. The history and traditions of the Military Gala exemplifies our allegiance to His Majesty and to Canada. We know you will enjoy the evening and leave with new friends and warm memories.

See you at 6pm!